TOKYO-GA Charity Photo Book

The men and women of Tokyo Ga want you to understand the book you're looking at is a labor of love. Photographers from all over the world pay tribute here to Tokyo, the biggest city in the world. It's more than just a home for us-- it's a way of life. We want to share something beautiful with you as well as put together a small means of helping the victims of the March 11th disaster, to whom this book is dedicated.

東京画の男女は、あなたが見ているこの本が、慈善行為であることを知ってほしいです。世界中の写真家が、世界で最も大きな都市である東京に敬意を表します。 東京は、私たちにとって単なる家以上のもの、それは生き方です。私たちは、あなたと共に何か美しいものを共有すべく、この本とその売上げを、3月11日の 東日本大震災の被災者の方々に捧げます。

TOKYO-GA Charity Photo Book

39 International Photographers | 78 Tokyo Images

Softcover | Standard Landscape | 82 pgs


US $49.00 (Softcover)

US $63.00 (Hardcover)


Apart from the commission that we need to pay to Blurb, all proceeds will go to Red Cross.


What is TOKYO-GA?

"東京画" means "Tokyo picture" and derives from Wim Wenders' great movie. It is also the name of an international collective of photographers that shoot in Tokyo. We can be found at:


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